Monday, September 10, 2012

Autumn Ball Gown Wedding Dresses

autumn outdoor wedding
The gold autumn is coming. Inspired by the warm temperature and the romantic landscape, many couples would like to hold a romantic outdoor wedding in this harvest season. It must be one of the happiest things to dance with your lover under the tree. The autumn wind brings you cool. The sweet-scented osmanthus blooms with fragrance. How romantic and how wonderful!
Having decided to hold a fall outdoor wedding, you must prepare the first thing for your wedding, that is, your wedding dress. An all-white wedding dress is surely pure enough. However, it may fail to stand out your autumn theme. Today, let me introduce you two types of ball gown wedding dresses which can perfect your autumn-themed wedding.

autumn ball gown wedding dress
Tulle Strapless Ball Gown Elegant Wedding Dress
The first one is this strapless tulle ball gown wedding dress. Intricate ruffles embellish the fluffy full skirt and beaded flower adorns the waistband. The reason why I say it is suitable for the autumn-themed wedding lies on its color. The white wedding dress is trimmed with light yellow color, which is quite approximate to the colors of the falling leaves in autumn. Therefore, this ball gown wedding dress can incorporate a lively color of the season into your wedding. 

autumn ball gown wedding dress
The second one is this ethereal tulle ball gown wedding dress. The color of the wedding dress is not pure white but still looks dreamy and charming, which is quite similar to the color of the withered grasses in the autumn. With such ball gown wedding to attend your outdoor autumn wedding, your appearance will look quite harmonious with the autumn natural beauty.


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