Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Celebrity-Inspired Ball Gown Prom Dresses

Female celebrities always walk in the forefront of the fashion. So, many ladies would like the follow the steps of female celebrities when choosing daily dresses. This is really a smart choice. It is unnecessary for you to choose the identical dress with the celebrity, but pick a dress with similar color or style. Therefore, if you have no idea about the ball gown dress which you are going to wear for the coming prom, you may take the female celebrities’ dress styles as reference, choosing a celebrity-inspired ball gown prom dress.

white ball gown prom dress
Sarah Jessica Parker looked just like Glenda from The Wizard of Oz in a white ball gown dress by Dior. The fitted sweetheart corset and full tulle skirt make for a classic prom look, perfect for young and sweet girls. You may choose such a pure white ball gown prom dress with ethereal tulle skirt to display your charm in your prom. The purity and glamour of the white ball gown must make a fairy from the tale.

black ball gown prom dress
Emma Stone is absolutely a fashion setter in dress style. Her fashion taste receives high appreciation from most audience. Look at her stunning and noble appearance in the tea length black ball gown dress. The embellished fitted bodice looks attractive and sexy. You may just choose a similar black ball gown prom dress. The eye-catching black and color and delicate embellishments will surely make you a shinning black pearl in your prom.

red ball gown prom dress
Perhaps, you may learn from Katy Perry. On June 26, she wore a signature Dolce & Gabbana strapless dress with a full skirt and sweetheart neckline for the premiere of her docu-movie ‘Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D’ at the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. The fabulous red ball gown created a dramatically glamorous look for Katy. With such a eye-popping red color, I believe you could also get outstanding from the crowd.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

How Do These Ball Gowns Succeed in Catching Eyes?

The ball gown silhouette is widely used in wedding dresses, prom dresses, cocktail dresses, and so on. No matter which kind of ball gown you choose, you must want an eye-catching appeal. Then, the problem appears. What kind of designs could make a ball gown dress eye-popping? Today, we will appreciate a set of ball gown dresses together, and explore how they succeed in catching eyes.

printed ball gown wedding dress
This ball gown wedding dress features simple design. Besides of a delicate floral sash, it has no other luxuriant and complex embellishments. Why does it stand out from the crowd? The reason lies on the bold floral print. The dress makes a breakthrough on the traditional pure white and applies multi-cored floral patterns to add eye-catching appeal. These beautiful and romantic patterns make the ball gown wedding dress easily outstanding.

ball gown ruffled wedding dress
This ball gown wedding dress achieves the same eye-catching effect through a different way. Maybe the pretty handmade flowers on the side waist are not enough to catch eyes. However, the layers of luxuriant and intricate ruffles are absolutely attractive enough. 

ball gown cocktail dress
This ball gown cocktail dress draws attentions with its shinning beaded accents. The sophisticated beads bestrew the fitted bust, adding an extra touch of sparkle. It is quite hard for such a bling bling ball gown cocktail dress not to get outstanding under the light.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ball Gown Bridesmaid Dresses

ball gown bridesmaid dress
We often see ball gown wedding dresses and ball gown prom dresses, but seldom see ball gown bridesmaid dresses. There are only a few famous fashion designers who would like to design bridesmaid dresses in ball gown silhouette. Maybe it is because a bridesmaid dress with a dramatic ball gown could easily steal the thunder of the bridal gown. 

ball gown bridesmaid dress
However, some special weddings really call for ball gown bridesmaid dresses, such as a prom wedding. Ball gown is the typical silhouette for prom dresses. If you want a prom wedding, the bride and bridesmaids of cause had better dress in ball gowns. In addition, some couples also like to hold a pleasant cocktail wedding. How can a cocktail wedding party lace of short ball gown cocktail dresses? The bridesmaids also can wear cocktail style short ball gown dresses to perfect the cocktail wedding.

ball gown bridesmaid dress
ball gown bridesmaid dress
Generally, floor length ball gown bridesmaid dresses are seldom seen. It is unnecessary for a bridesmaid to wear such a formal and inconvenient dress. But, in some special style weddings, you really have the chance to see a row of unified bridesmaids in dramatic floor length ball gowns. Such a scene will surely be wonderful. However, floor length ball gown bridesmaid dresses should avoid using white color. Otherwise, the guests would make a mistake between the bride and the bridesmaids. Compared with floor length ones, short ball gown bridesmaid dresses are more common. The sweet short ball gowns must match well with the lovely bridesmaids. 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ball Gown Wedding Dresses with Color Accents

ball gown wedding dress with color accent
Compare the above two ball gown wedding dresses. Which one is more attractive in your opinion? For me, the above one catches my eyes at the first sight because of the eye-popping red accent.

Nowadays, most wedding dresses are pure white colored because of its purity. I believe your eyes must get weary of the all-white ball gown wedding dresses. You need fresh hues to color your ball gown wedding dress beautiful, relieving the visual fatigue. Proper color accent will help your ball gown wedding dress to catch eyes on your solemn date.

ball gown wedding dress with color accent
You can draw your whole ball gown wedding dress with beautiful colors. For example, you may choose a ball gown wedding with pure green or pure red. However, a dark color wedding dress may look a little bit unnatural. So, you can use pink or other light hues to color your ball gown wedding dress. 

ball gown wedding dress with color accent

ball gown wedding dress with color accent

ball gown wedding dress with color accent
The most commonly seen ball gown wedding dresses with color accents are using colors to decorate the detailed embellishments on the dresses. For example, a black sash, a red handmade flower, or a colored bow, can all steal the limelight in the rich collection of good-looking wedding gowns.

Get rid of the monotonous all-white ball gown wedding dress, and personalize your look with our color accented ball gown wedding dresses.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Short Ball Gown Wedding Dresses

Alyne Bridal fall 2012 collection
Two types of short wedding dresses from Alyne Bridal fall 2012 wedding dress collection catch my eyes easily. They make a breakthrough to the traditional floor length wedding dresses, leaving an unforgettable impression. No matter whether it is made of bright organza or ethereal tulle, the short ball gown skirt creates a one-of-a-kind, timeless look.

short ball gown wedding dress
Short ball gown wedding dress combines the formality of ball gown and sweetness of short skirt, achieving a stunning look for the wear. Such a wedding dress is not only comfortable but also convenient, suitable for many destination weddings, like beach wedding, outdoor wedding, and so on. The sweet touch makes it perfect for the lovely temperament, offering a top choice for most lovely girls. 

high-low ball gown wedding dress
Of cause, if you are a trend-setting bride, you will also find a satisfying one from short ball gown wedding dresses. Fashionable high-low ball gown wedding dress is just a good selection. The trendy high-low hemline not only possesses the sweetness and comfort of short ball gown but also looks more elegant and graceful.

convertible ball gown wedding dress
Maybe, you think short ball gown wedding dress is not formal enough for your church wedding. Then unique 2 in 1 ball gown wedding dress comes to help. It may change from a floor length ball gown wedding dress with sacred chapel strain into a comfortable short ball gown wedding dress in a flash just through a quick unbutton or unzip. With the long formal one, you attend your sacred church ceremony, while the short one to appear at the following reception.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Vintage Ball Gown Dresses

old-fashioned ball gown
From Victorian ball gown dresses to modern 2 in 1 ball gown wedding dresses, ball gown has really experienced a long period of development. As the development of fashion, designs on ball gown dresses also have changed greatly. Some people may like the ball gowns with contemporary styles, while the others may prefer to the old-fashioned vintage ball gowns.

vintage ball gown wedding dress

vintage ball gown wedding dress
In fact, there are a lot of ladies who love the ball gown dresses with vintage style. This is also why vintage ball gown wedding dresses are still prevalent in modern days. Vintage ball gown wedding dresses are generally designed with 19th century European aristocratic style and added some changes of fashion elements. There are also some famous designers who have launched some new collections of ball gown wedding dress with vintage style, like Ian Stuart killer queen collection. 

vintage ball gown prom dress
Besides of wedding, you may also find vintage ball gown dresses in proms. Some ball gowns are designed with vintage princess styles, which get popular among young ladies. Therefore, some girls also would like to wear a vintage ball gown prom dress to attend their proms. Special designs and unique styles can of cause help them to make a grand entrance.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ball Gowns for Prom Wedding

prom wedding
Having left the school for many years, do you want some special ceremonies for recall the pleasant school life? How about a prom wedding? The combination of sacred wedding and cheerful prom must give you an unforgettable special day.
Ball gown is a typical prom dress, so, your prom wedding cannot lack of a ball gown wedding dress. You may choose a pure white one, just like most brides. Of cause, you can also pick a colored ball gown as you wedding dress, just like most ball gown prom dresses, which will be more suitable for the prom theme. For example, the light green ball gown from the famous designer Abed Mahfouz spring/summer 2012 haute couture collection is just a perfect selection.
ball gown wedding dresses

ball gown wedding dresses

Ball gown bridesmaid dresses are seldom seen in the market, but you can still find. Generally, it is not proper for the bridesmaids to wear white long ball gown bridesmaid dresses; otherwise, they will steal the thunder of the bride. Colorful short ball gown bridesmaid dress is no doubt one of the best choices for a prom wedding. It not only makes a distinction with the bridal gown, but also matches well with the prom theme.
ball gown bridesmaid dresses

ball gown bridesmaid dresses

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Is Your Ball Gown Wedding Dress Eye-Catching Enough?

ball gown wedding dress
Many ladies would like to choose a ball gown wedding dress on their special days. This is mainly because the full skirt looks formal enough for the sacred wedding ceremony.
However, since so many brides are willing to wear pure white ball gown wedding dresses, how can you stand out from the queue? This is really a problem troubling many ladies. In fact, as long as your ball gown wedding dress has enough eye-catching appeal, you could easily get outstanding. 

short ball gown wedding dress
Those ball gowns which make a difference to the traditional ones are absolutely eye-catching, such as short ball gown wedding dresses. The short ball gown skirts is different to traditional floor length ones, which looks special and individual. Some other embellishments, like gorgeous handmade flower accents, sophisticated ruffles, or bold floral patterns, will add an extra touch of high-fashion glamour and eye-catching appeal.

ball gown wedding dress
If you insist to wear a formal floor length ball gown wedding dress, you may also resort to some special designs to create an eye-catching one. This ball gown wedding dress is just a good example. The bodice breaks through the tradition, applies red casual plaid patterns. With such a unique ball gown wedding dress, how can you not be outstanding?

convertible ball gown wedding dress
convertible ball gown wedding dress
Of cause, fashionable 2 in 1 ball gown wedding dress is absolutely one of the most eye-popping ones. The convertible designs help you to change the look in a flash just through a quick unzip or unbutton. You may attend the ceremony and the reception with just one ball gown wedding dress but in totally two styles. If you tell your guests the two styles are only one wedding dress, I believe they will surely turn their heads on your convertible ball gown wedding dress.
What kind of ball gown wedding dress you have chosen for your wedding this summer? Is it eye-catching enough?

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Printed Ball Gowns

Giambattista Valli couture
The famous Italian fashion designer Giambattista Valli launched his latest autumn/whiter 2012 collection on the Paris fashion week. The creative designs of the collection were acclaimed as the peak of perfection. One of the most outstanding features in the collection lies on the bold use of print. Gorgeous floral patterns dazzled everyone’s eyes. Among all the dresses, two kind of printed ball gowns attracted my attention.
The full skirt of ball gown is originally attractive. If added with eye-popping printed flowers, ball gown dress must get more eye-catching appeal. Giambattista Valli’s latest printed ball gowns set good examples.

Douglas Hannant Spring 2013 Bridal Collection
Besides, another famous fashion designer Douglas Hannant also took use of the color and print to a whole new level in his spring 2013 bridal collection. This printed ball gown wedding dress has no complex and luxuriant design in the front. Its most outstanding feature lies on the multi-colored print of flowers. Gorgeous floral patterns make it stand out from the ordinary.

ball gowns with floral accents
Some people think that besides of floral patterns, some other floral accents can also make a ball gown special and eye-catching. This is true. Floral accents like handmade flowers, rosettes, or luxuriant appliqu├ęs can also achieve an eye-catching effect. However, all of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, compared with handmade flowers and rosettes, printed flowers may lack of third dimension. But, Printed flowers won’t be limited on colors. You may draw various colors on printed flowers, while it is not so natural to draw multi colors on 3D floral accents.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fashion of Short Ball Gowns

 Emma Stone at the LA premiere of The Amazing Spider-Man
On June 28, 2012, the film star Emma Stone wore a channel pre-spring/summer 2013 dress to the LA premiere of The Amazing Spider-Man. The short white ball gown with sparkling red pattern helped her leave an unforgettable image in others’ eyes.

Elie Saab spring/summer 2012 couture show
Recently, Elie Saab spring/summer 2012 couture show appeared on Paris fashion week. The dramatic works also included stunning short ball gowns. These short ball gowns added an extra touch of sparkle for the luxuriant fashion show.

short ball gown cocktail dresses
Short ball gowns really get popular these years. The most commonly seen short ball gowns are in cocktail dress fashion. Short ball gown cocktail dresses have received the favor of most ladies. Dreamy tulle one looks lovely and sweet. Bright taffeta one looks gorgeous and noble. Even the black one is welcome for its seductive appearance. The rich colors and full skirts help many women enjoy their pleasant cocktail parties.

short ball gown wedding dress
short ball gown bridesmaid dress
Besides of cocktail parties, we can also see short ball gown in weddings. Some brides would like to choose a short ball gown wedding dress to display charms and personalities. Although it is not formal enough for a sacred church wedding, but glamorous and cool enough for a summer beach wedding. Of cause, some lovely girls also pick short ball gowns as their bridesmaid dresses. Dramatic short ball gown skirts give a good show of their sweetness.