Sunday, August 19, 2012

Color Trend on Ball Gown Wedding Dress

Organza Strapless Ball Gown Elegant Wedding Dress
Has dominating the wedding dress industry for many years, white will still be the timeless color on wedding dresses in the coming years. The dream that the bride years for purity won’t change, so, the white wedding dress won’t get out of the date. However, some colored wedding dresses also catch up with the white wedding dress, receiving the appreciations from quite a few brides. In this article, let’s look at the color trend on ball gown wedding dress.
Romantic Pink
Sweet pink color is always loved by those lovely girls. The pink color is often considered as a romantic color. So, quite a lot of people apply pink as their wedding color theme. The light pink color is not quite contrasting to the traditional pure white, and it can add an extra touch of romance and femininity for the wedding dress. Therefore, romantic pink ball gown wedding dress is welcome by many young and lovely brides.
Fashionable Champagne
The champagne intoxicating, so is the champagne ball gown wedding dress. Light champagne color not only add some special brilliance to the ball gown wedding dress, but also display high-fashion glamour. Making a difference to the traditional white, beautiful champagne color must make you a stunning bride on the special day. There are also some other similar colors, like cream, ivory, nude, and so on, which get fashionable on ball gown wedding dresses in these years.
Multi-Colored Prints
Colorful prints get prevalent these days. The multi colors easily catch eyes. If you want to an eye-popping focused bride, multi-colored printed ball gown wedding dress is absolutely top choice. However, this printed ball gown wedding dress sometimes is not proper for the formal wedding.
Some Other Popular Colors
Besides of the above mentioned, there are also some other colors which are quite popular on ball gown wedding dress design, like lavender, mint green, the combination of black and white, etc. These colors will reign these years in regard to color trend on ball gown wedding dress.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Is Your Ball Gown Wedding Dress Special Enough?

Considering the formality of the wedding, many brides would like to attend their ceremonies with a ball gown wedding dress. The dramatic full skirt would give them a feeling of nobleness and elegance. However, if every bride wears a white ball gown wedding dress, how can you be the most outstanding one? After all, every bride wants to be unique. Then, a special ball gown wedding dress appears to be important. Is your ball gown wedding dress special enough?
Look at the ball gown wedding dresses I collect for you. Have you already found their special points? Yes, they make a difference to traditional fitted bodice. Red gingham jacket and blue jean blouse not only catch eyes with their colors but also display a unique style for the whole ball gown. Perhaps, you may match your bodice with a casual knitted sweater or an exquisite lace bolero. Then, your ball gown wedding dress must display a different style, alternative and special, but similar elegance and glamour.
With an extraordinary ball gown wedding dress like this, you unique style and personality will surely be showed off before your guests on your solemn date.

ball gown wedding dress

ball gown wedding dress

ball gown wedding dress

ball gown wedding dress
Tulle and Lace Strapless Ball Gown Elegant Wedding Dress

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Multi-Colored Ball Gown

Compare the two following ball gowns. Which one do you like best? Maybe you are attracted by the left pure white wedding dress with romantic and luxuriant floral swirl accents on skirt. However, you can no deny that your eyes are caught by the multi colors of the right ball gown at the first glance. 
multi-colored ball gown wedding dresses
(left)Taffeta Strapless Sweetheart Ball Gown Elegant Wedding Dress
Multi colors can easily catch eyes for the dress. This is also one of the reasons why bold print gets popular these years. Therefore, if you want to add eye-catching appeal to your ball gown wedding dress or ball gown prom dress, you may choose those multi-colored ones. With a multi-colored ball gown dress, you can easily get outstanding from the crowd.
Please look at the following multi-colored ball gowns I collect for you. The eye-popping rainbow colors make you not neglect them from the crowd. With such a dramatic ball gown to attend your prom, you must be the sparkling focus. You can also wear them for your wedding, if you are bold enough. With white dominating the wedding dress industry for so many years, you need some special challenge. Making a breakthrough to the traditional white, your multi-colored ball gown wedding dress must leave an unforgettable memory in your whole life.

multi-colored ball gown

multi-colored ball gown
Organza Strapless Sweetheart Ball Gown Long Prom Dress
multi-colored ball gown

Monday, August 6, 2012

Decorate Your Ball Gown Dress by Yourself

Do you feel that your ball gown wedding dress is not eye-catching enough? Do you think that the short ball gown cocktail dress is too simple to draw attention? If so, I would like to share you some smart ideas which tell you how to decorate you ball gown by yourself. Without the help of professional tailor and designer, you could also add eye-popping for you ball gown dress.

First, I want to tell you an easiest way. Just pin a fresh flower on side of your bodice. The flower accent may add an extra touch of romance and sparkle. You may choose the flower according to your own like. Rose, lily, and even lavender are all acceptable. Such a simple and smart way will add several brilliance for you ball gown.
carolina herrera wedding dress
Ball Gown Wedding Dress with Lavender Pin
The second way is to find a sash and tie it on the waist of your ball gown. It is unnecessary for you to find a sash in identical color with the ball gown, because sash with contrasting color may achieve a more outstanding effect. You may just pick a sash from your other dress, and tie it on the ball gown. You can tie the sash into a bow accent at the back waist or at side waist. The colored sash will surely create an elegant touch for the ball gown.
black and white bridesmaid dress
White Ball Gown Bridesmaid Dress with Black Sash
The last is a little bit difficult which is more suitable for those nimble-fingered wearers. That is, make a flower accent by yourself. Fresh flower is beautiful but will fade soon, while a handmade flower can preserve its beauty forever. Therefore, you may make a flower accent by your own hands to adorn your ball gown. Of cause, you can learn the method from the book or online information. The floral accent can be sewn on the ball gown or made into a sash and tied to the ball gown. This depends on your own like. 
DIY flower accent
DIY Flower Accent

DIY flower accent
DIY Flower Accent