Friday, May 31, 2013

Gorgeous Bridal Ball Gowns

Every girl wants be the most beautiful bride on her big day. So a gorgeous is the best way to make her dream into reality. When it comes to the bridal gowns, we can not forget the ball gown wedding dresses because ball gowns are always popular among brides-to-be. Ball gown wedding dresses are also called princess wedding dresses as this lovable silhouette easily bring you into a fairy tale world.

Taffeta and Lace Sweetheart Ball Gown 2 in 1 Wedding Dress

Look at the 2 in 1 ball gown wedding dresses. This creative design is perfect for your wedding and reception.

Ball Gown Wedding Dresses

The second ball gown is absolutely different style with the top one. It looks more gorgeous and noble. Floral flowers on the ball gown make you refined and delicate.

Ball Gown Wedding Dress

The last ball gown with red color accents adds much brilliance on your whole wedding. If your wedding color themed is also red, this ball gown will perfect you.   

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Vintage Ball Gown Wedding Dresses

Vintage style becomes more and more popular in our daily life because we can easily recall back the beautiful things. In the individual times, any one wants to publicize its character. The dresses are the most simple and direct way to show off one person’s individuality and specialty. That’s why so many people are fond of vintage dresses. Vintage wedding dresses are the most popular among all kinds of dresses.

Vintage Wedding Dress

If you also pursue the vintage style on your wedding, you have to spend much time and energy on choosing a perfect vintage wedding gown. Before you buy the dress, you need to get know what your shape is. If you are slender, a simple A-line vintage wedding dress surely adds elegance and brilliance on your whole wedding. If you are petite body, ball gown silhouette will make you like a beautiful princess.

Taffeta Strapless Ball Gown Tea-length Simple Vintage Wedding Dress
Satin and Lace Bateau Ball Gown Tea-length Elegant Vintage Wedding Dress

In this article, I just list several vintage ball gown wedding dresses. If you want to know more, whiteazalea prepare many vintage wedding dresses in different details for you.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

White Ball Gown VS Pink Ball Gown

Ball gown silhouette usually bring us a fairy world, so many brides prefer to a ball gown wedding dress on their grand wedding. White wedding dresses are traditional choice as a result of this color symbolized purity. So most brides would like to wear a white ball gown on their big day. But if you want to be different and special enough, ball gown in other colors are great for you. Pink wedding dresses are the most popular dresses except the white wedding dresses. Pink is a color for girls. No other color can create feminine and noble style as pink can. That’s why many brides will choose an untraditional pink wedding dress on their special day.

Organza Strapless Sweetheart Ball Gown Wedding Dress

This white wedding dress in ball gown silhouette with a delicate bead-embellished sash highlights your waist. The lavish ruffles make the ball gown more elegant.

Pink Wedding Dress

This pink ball gown wedding dress also has lavish ruffles. Floor Length design with chapel train make you more fabulous and gorgeous.
Pink or white wedding dress in ball gown, which one is for you?

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ball Gowns Hit the Fashion

When we are child, every girl dreams to be a beautiful princess in a fairy world. And after they grow up, they will marry her charming prince and live a happy life forever. How beautiful dream. Today we will introduce a easy way to make your princess dream into reality. That’s ball gowns.Ball gown wedding dresses are always popular among brides because this style will make you like a beautiful princess. Now more and more brides are glad to wear a ball gown on her special day.

Ball Gown Wedding Dress

Look at the first ball gown. Pink wedding dresses are the fashionable style in recent years. This ball gown add pink elements. Ball gown with layered will make you more refined and elegant.

Satin and Tulle Strapless Sweetheart Ball Gown Vintage Wedding Dress

The second dress is an ivory ball gown. Vintage ball gown wedding dresses are another trend.Pleated on the bodice and embroidery on full the skirt creates a touch of fabulous and gorgeous.
Both of the ball gown wedding dresses looks alluring and graceful,which style if for you?

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Guide to Choose a Ball Gown Wedding Dress

Ball gowns are usually quite formal, reminding you of Cinderella. The bodice is fitted with a very full skirt. The full skirt of a ball gown can hide large hips and thighs. Ball gown wedding dresses fit for any wedding ceremony no matter outdoor wedding or church wedding. But not all figures wear this style perfect. Today we will talk about some guides to choose a ball gown wedding dress.

Ball Gown Wedding Dress

Before you choose a wedding dress, you should be aware that your body shape because your body shape will determine which style is suitable for you. For example, the pear-shaped figure dress perfect in ball gown wedding dress but badly in mermaid style. If you are very slim and tall, a mermaid style is great for you. The second is that you should pay attention to the dress length. It is not necessary for you to choose a floor length dress if you have a beach wedding although floor length wedding dress can make you more elegant. It wouldn’t be practical for an outdoor beach wedding. A shorter style would be better. As for the color, most brides wear white because white means pure love. Of course, you can choose another color that flatters on you.

Satin and Lace Strapless Sweetheart Ball Gown Elegant Wedding Dress

If you are pear-shaped figure, you can choose any style of ball gown wedding dresses that flatter you.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Wear a Ball Gown Wedding Dress Like Princess

When we are children, every girl has a good dream in her heart. That’s when they grow up, she will wear a beautiful wedding dress like a princess and marry her prince charming. So beautiful dream it is. Yes, of course, every girl will find a beautiful and suitable wedding dress that just  only made for her. She wear it like a happy and beautiful princess in a fairy world. That’s ball gown wedding dress.

Tulle Strapless Ball Gown Wedding Dress
Tulle and Lace Off-shoulder Ball Gown Wedding Dress

Wedding Dresses in ball gown silhouette usually express lovable princess style. When you choose the style of a wedding, you must get know what figure you are. For example, if you are petit,  this ball gown design are perfect for you. But if you are very slim, you should avoid this ball gown style. In addition, when you choose ball gown, you’d better pick up some fabric of lightweight such as tulle and lace. If the gown is heavy, you are not convenient to walk from the crowds easily.

Tulle Strapless Sweetheart Ball Gown Wedding Dress
Tulle and Lace Strapless Sweetheart Ball Gown Wedding Dress

Today I list several ball gown wedding dresses for your view, if you are going to get married, you can choose any one from them. I’m sure you will be like a princess if you wear it on your grand wedding ceremony.

Tulle and Lace Strapless Ball Gown Elegant Wedding Dress
Tulle and Lace Bateau Ball Gown Elegant Wedding Dress