Monday, August 6, 2012

Decorate Your Ball Gown Dress by Yourself

Do you feel that your ball gown wedding dress is not eye-catching enough? Do you think that the short ball gown cocktail dress is too simple to draw attention? If so, I would like to share you some smart ideas which tell you how to decorate you ball gown by yourself. Without the help of professional tailor and designer, you could also add eye-popping for you ball gown dress.

First, I want to tell you an easiest way. Just pin a fresh flower on side of your bodice. The flower accent may add an extra touch of romance and sparkle. You may choose the flower according to your own like. Rose, lily, and even lavender are all acceptable. Such a simple and smart way will add several brilliance for you ball gown.
carolina herrera wedding dress
Ball Gown Wedding Dress with Lavender Pin
The second way is to find a sash and tie it on the waist of your ball gown. It is unnecessary for you to find a sash in identical color with the ball gown, because sash with contrasting color may achieve a more outstanding effect. You may just pick a sash from your other dress, and tie it on the ball gown. You can tie the sash into a bow accent at the back waist or at side waist. The colored sash will surely create an elegant touch for the ball gown.
black and white bridesmaid dress
White Ball Gown Bridesmaid Dress with Black Sash
The last is a little bit difficult which is more suitable for those nimble-fingered wearers. That is, make a flower accent by yourself. Fresh flower is beautiful but will fade soon, while a handmade flower can preserve its beauty forever. Therefore, you may make a flower accent by your own hands to adorn your ball gown. Of cause, you can learn the method from the book or online information. The floral accent can be sewn on the ball gown or made into a sash and tied to the ball gown. This depends on your own like. 
DIY flower accent
DIY Flower Accent

DIY flower accent
DIY Flower Accent

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