Sunday, July 29, 2012

How Do These Ball Gowns Succeed in Catching Eyes?

The ball gown silhouette is widely used in wedding dresses, prom dresses, cocktail dresses, and so on. No matter which kind of ball gown you choose, you must want an eye-catching appeal. Then, the problem appears. What kind of designs could make a ball gown dress eye-popping? Today, we will appreciate a set of ball gown dresses together, and explore how they succeed in catching eyes.

printed ball gown wedding dress
This ball gown wedding dress features simple design. Besides of a delicate floral sash, it has no other luxuriant and complex embellishments. Why does it stand out from the crowd? The reason lies on the bold floral print. The dress makes a breakthrough on the traditional pure white and applies multi-cored floral patterns to add eye-catching appeal. These beautiful and romantic patterns make the ball gown wedding dress easily outstanding.

ball gown ruffled wedding dress
This ball gown wedding dress achieves the same eye-catching effect through a different way. Maybe the pretty handmade flowers on the side waist are not enough to catch eyes. However, the layers of luxuriant and intricate ruffles are absolutely attractive enough. 

ball gown cocktail dress
This ball gown cocktail dress draws attentions with its shinning beaded accents. The sophisticated beads bestrew the fitted bust, adding an extra touch of sparkle. It is quite hard for such a bling bling ball gown cocktail dress not to get outstanding under the light.

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