Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Perfect Collocations of Ball Gowns and Jewelry

Dress and jewelry are both best friends for women. Before attending any special occasion, ladies like to dress up themselves with dramatic dresses and elaborate jewelry. However, you cannot choose your dress and jewels optionally. Improper collocation will achieve an adverse effect. Today, I will tell you some appropriate collocation of ball gowns and jewels.

ball gown wedding dress
White ball gown is usually worn by bride in wedding ceremony. What kind of jewelry should be chosen to match a ball gown wedding dress? Generally, both platinum and diamond can match it well. No matter whether it is a simple elegant ball gown wedding dress or a luxuriant one, platinum and diamond jewelry will add extra touch of romance and sparkle.

red ball gown prom dress
Some brides, especially Chinese brides, would like to select a red ball gown as their wedding dress. You may also choose platinum and diamond jewels to match red ball gown wedding dress. However, the effect will be ideal, if the jewels are adorned with attractive red gems.

green ball gown prom dress
Green ball gowns are commonly seen in proms. The green color looks outstanding and enthusiastic. If you pick some matching jewels, the green ball gown will be more dramatic. In general, jewels with emerald gems or jades can also perfect a green ball gown. The green collocation will bring a stunning look.

colorful ball gown prom dress
Some girls may choose a colorful ball gown to display charms in their proms. Then, you could also select a colorful jewel to add glamour. Bvlgari Mediterranean Eden collection and Astrale collection are both good choices. The colorful gems will add an extra touch of feminity and sparkle for the ball gown.

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