Monday, May 28, 2012

Ball Gown Dresses with Different Lengths

The most commonly seen ball gown dresses are almost those with floor length. Floor length ball gowns refer to those with the skirt reaching the floor. These kinds of ball gowns are always prom dresses, wedding dresses, and others which are worn for a formal occasion. Today, we will introduce several other ball gowns with different lengths.
Short ball gowns mean the skirts of the gowns do not reach the knees. This kind of ball gowns are usually cocktail dresses, because they are sexy and casual, which is more suitable for a cocktail party.
The skirts of knee length ball gowns just reach the knees. Knee length ball gowns are not very common, just like tea length ball gowns and ankle length ball gowns. I believe you must know ankle length ball gowns. They refer to those with skirts reaching the ankles. However, few people know tea length ball gowns whose skirts cover the knees but not reach the ankles. These three kinds of ball gowns are usually wedding dresses. Sometimes, we also can see ball gown prom dresses with ankle length.
These are the basic lengths of ball gowns. Different lengths give different styles to the ball gowns. For example, floor length ball gowns look elegant and formal, while short ball gown dresses seem much lovelier. If you are interested, you may experience all these ball gowns with different lengths.

 Floor Length Ball Gown Dress
Ball Gown Wedding Dress

Ball Gown Prom Dress
 Short Ball Gown Dress
Short Ball Gown

Knee Length Ball Gown Dress
Knee Length Ball Gown

Tea Length Ball Gown Dress 
Tea Length Ball Gown

Ankle Length Ball Gown Dress 
Ankle Length Ball Gown

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